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Why Counselling


Need for Career Counselling

Career counselling is the need of the hour, primarily because students today are faced with many more options career wise. It is quite easy to get confused when deciding your future. Students also tend to confuse hobbies with aptitude and therefore, career counselling is necessary. Shashikant’s immense experience helps students and their parents find the right career path. Career counselling has only become recently popular and therefore, students should take advantage of this support system they are offered. Shashikant also mentions that in the 90s, career counselling and other such facilities were not available to students. And now that they are, he firmly believes all students should take this opportunity to find a career or college that is the right fit for them.

The expertise of Shashikant Dhanshetti

Shashikant has been one of the chosen few counsellors asked to attend a sponsored study tour of Western Australia by Perth Education City. This experience has helped him understand the systems in the Universities of Western Australia much better, which in turn has helped him counsel students better. His primary focus lies in counselling students in Student Leadership Programs, Overseas Education and Immigration Consulting and Student Development Activities. He is an expert at identifying the strengths and interests of his students and is, therefore, able to offer the right kind of counselling to them.